Cassandra Turner Awarded Singapore Math Training Contract by the Republic of Palau

August  2012

Cassandra Turner, a nationally recognized Singapore Math trainer and consultant, has been awarded a contract by the Republic of Palau to assist the Ministry of Education (MOE) with the implementation of the Singapore Math Curriculum.

Turner said, “I’m thrilled for the opportunity to conduct Singapore Math training for the Republic of Palau’s teachers and MOE staff.  It’s a great an honor to be selected for this job following such a competitive process. In adopting Singapore Math, Palau is choosing a world-class curriculum that provides students with an exceptional foundation in mathematics. I’m very excited to help teachers learn how to use the Singapore materials successfully.”

Singapore Math Teacher, Trainer and Consultant with Teachers and MOE Staff in the Republic of Palau
In December 2011, the Republic’s Invitation for Bids sought the services of a teacher trainer(s) to conduct training for teachers and staff.  The Invitation noted that the Palau’s MOE began implementation of a newly selected math curriculum – Singapore Math – in the 2011-2012 academic year. It continued, “As the curriculum and approach to teaching math follows a new methodology, both the MOE staff, Specialists and teachers require training to become familiar with this curriculum and specific techniques and methodologies for implementing the program in the classroom.”

Under the terms of the contract, Turner will develop and present two comprehensive Singapore Math training workshops, one for the Republic’s teachers of Grades 1-3 and another for teachers of Grades 4-6. Ministry of Education officials and specialists will participate in both trainings. Turner also will develop an agenda for a teacher training workshop for teachers of grades 7 and 8 in a subsequent year.  Finally, Turner will provide follow-up support to teachers through a mid-year training.

The contract is funded by the Territories & Freely Associated States Education Grant Project, a U.S. Department of Education federal grant under the Ministry of Education.

Turner posted a brief description of her first visit to train Palau’s teachers on her blog,

About the Ministry of Education, Republic of Palau

The Ministry of Education is headed by a Minister responsible for managing, operating and promoting the public elementary and secondary schools systems throughout the Republic and developing and implementing educational curricula and standards at every educational level and related matters.